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Schedule of Fees

Harvesters Credit Union operates under the philosophy of keeping our fees as low as possible. As a member-owner, we want you to have affordable access to the financial services you want and need.

As of May 1, 2018

Primary Share

Early Closing Fee $10.00 (within 6mo)


Overdraft Transfer Fee $5.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee (ATM) $5.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $35.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (EFT) $35.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (ATM) $35.00
Overdraft Privilege Fee $35.00
Stop Payment Fee $35.00
Items Presented on Closed Account $35.00
Return Item - Member Drawn Check $35.00
Return Item - Third Party $20.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $15.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $25.00
Wire Transfer (International In/Out) $50.00
Certified Checks $2.00
Official Checks $2.00 after 1/day
Research Fee $10.00/hr
Returned Mail $5.00/item
Levy/Garnishment $25.00
Collection Items Actual Costs
Plastic Card Replacement $5.00/card
Visa Late Payment $27.00
Late Payment (Loan, 15 days) $20 .00 or 15% of Payment
Skip-a-Pay Fee $28.00
Counter Checks $2.00/page
ATM Withdraw (Out of Network) $2.00
Prepaid Debit Card $3.95
Prepaid Debit Card Reload $2.50
Business Account Fee $15.00/month

Safe Deposit Box

3" x 5" $20.00/yr
5" x 5" $25.00/yr
3" x 10" $30.00/yr
5" x 10" $45.00/yr
10" x 10" $80.00/yr
Drilling of Boxes Actual Costs
Lost/Replacement Key $15.00/key

Share Value

Par Value of One Share $1.00/yr

* All fees subject to change.