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Personal Share (Savings) Accounts

Here you’ll find our accounts for growing your nest eggs. Safely store your savings here for future harvesting.

At credit unions the term “share account” is often used when referring to what banks traditionally call a “savings account”. This is because when you join us, you’re sharing ownership in HFCU! It’s no wonder we’re all about community success — we are the community!

Share (Savings) Account

  • Minimum share deposit to open is only $1.00
  • This deposit is your “share” of ownership in HCU and establishes your membership

Thrifty Members Account

  • Minimum balance of $5.00 required
  • Earn higher dividends over traditional savings accounts
  • Withdraw at any time

Savings Safari Kids Club Account

  • Kids earn prizes for every deposit as they practice smart money management
  • Just $1.00 opens a Savings Safari Kids Club account and makes you a HCU member
  • Savings are safe

Free Kasasa Saver®

  • Free account that builds your savings effortlessly
  • Links to free Kasasa Cash Back® checking
  • Automatic transfers of Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back earnings

Contact us today to learn more about our Share accounts and how to open your own.